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A HOLT Medallion Award of Merit recipient in Romantic Suspense, Yvonne writes contemporary romantic suspense in her Flynn's Crossing series.  She’s also working on a psychological thriller series, a couple of standalone suspense books, and two nonfiction books with tips for writers.  In addition to running an indie press, Yvonne loves to cook (dedicated foodie), garden (Master Gardeners), travel (anywhere), and read (anything). Follow her at www.YvonneKohano.com, on Facebook as Yvonne Kohano, and on Twitter @yvonnekohano to learn what tickles her about being a writer.


Yvonne Kohano’s Books

Measure Twice, Love Once

“Fortune smiles upon the brave and frowns upon the coward.”   For Geno Altimari, the old Latin proverb proved to be true. One pivotal night and a denied entreaty changed everything. It cost him years of friendship and missed opportunity for a life that might have been his destiny, simply because he was afraid. Love… [Read More]

Love’s Touch of Justice

She was the one person who could convince him, without pleading her case, that he’d been dead wrong. Justice wasn’t a sharp sword but a dull blade, and sometimes, it did more damage than good as it sliced through to the truth.   Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Kermarrec has a strict interpretation of right and wrong,… [Read More]

Wine Into Water, Flynn’s Crossing Series Book 6

In the battle between wine and water, two controlling hearts clash, and with a witch involved, the results can be poisonous. Marguerite Devereaux crafts wines that are exceptional, nothing short of perfection. But the girl tribe counsels caution, saying that little in life is truly flawless. She knows best though. Doing things her way guarantees… [Read More]

Blooms on the Bones, Flynn’s Crossing Series Book 5

Tess Willowspring, owner of Buds and Blooms, knows that leading the Flynn’s Crossing building committee isn’t such a high honor. The role leaves her less time to create gorgeous floral arrangements, tend her garden, and enjoy her friends. Life gets complicated when construction to develop a vacant lot at the end of the street meets… [Read More]

Tastes and Consequences, Flynn’s Crossing Series Book 4

Roxy LaFollette is proud of the food empire she built in Flynn’s Crossing. With her nationally-acclaimed restaurant, her gourmet grocery, and her catering business, she has little time to indulge in the kind of relationship her girl tribe friends recommend. Besides, all men are scum in her opinion – her friends’ fiancés and husbands excluded,… [Read More]

Naked Intolerances, Flynn’s Crossing Series Book 3

Romantic love is something Gabby Cooley-Burke believes in with all her heart. When her great love died, she was left with her wonderful son and memories that should last her a lifetime. Despite encouragement from her girl tribe to begin dating again, she is convinced that this should be enough. Ten-year-old Jeremy is hers alone… [Read More]

Flashes of Fire, Flynn’s Crossing Series Book 2

DK McGiven’s dreams are close to coming true. Finally coming into her own as a fine artist, she melts metal to her wishes and creates sculptures that have her fans clamoring for more. Only one thing is holding her back from completing her current masterpiece: her own insecurity in the passion department. Her girl tribe’s… [Read More]

Pictures of Redemption

In the peaceful northern California foothills town of Flynn’s Crossing, Serena Williamson works tirelessly to help vets receive counseling and support. Even with funding being eliminated and only months left for the services to survive, Serena is determined to continue helping those in need; cutting programs isn’t an option. She discovers, however, that sometimes redemption… [Read More]

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