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Hello! The name is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a high school graduate from Waubonsie Valley High school. She has published three books so far. My Poetry Through the Years, My Collection of Short Stories and My Poetry Through the Years: Book 2. She got her inspiration from school and classes. Most of the poems and short stories are from assignments that she got from her teachers. Kaitlyn plans to continue writing and become a best-selling writer.

Kaitlyn was inspired to write a blog for many reasons. She wanted to tell the world about her recent  published book. She want to get her name out there in the book world. She wants to become a best-selling author like: Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling and her Grate Aunt. Kaitlyn wants to create an audience for her books now and cross her fingers for luck she may become just like them.

Kaitlyn reads a lot of fantasy and science fiction. Many include the Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, Lost Hero series, Hunger Games series, Divergent series, and many more.

Kaitlyn does more than just writing and reading. She enjoys knitting and crocheting. She also loves being around children. That is why she is continuing her education to become an early childhood education teacher. Were she can teach birth until second grade.

Kaitlyn is very excited to share her accomplishments with you!

Check out my blog to find my books and up to date information!


Kaitlyn Franzone’s Books

The Adventure of Cubbie Bear: Going Home

The lonesome Cubbie Bear is a rather hapless resident of a shop at Wrigley’s Field where he lives with his friends and co-inhabitants. Day after day, his friends all leave with their new-found families, but he remains all alone in the shop. High atop his usual shelf he sits, wondering if he will ever find… [Read More]

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