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After a few decades as technical writer/editor/translator, retirement has let me do more fun things--one of which is writing what I wish vs. what I must. So with my trusty ever-present S&W at my side (Strunk & White) to aid my failing memory I've chosen to resurrect things from the past such as Icelandic folktales and ghostly stories, etc. that haven't been readily available to English readers. Clearly a limited readership, I'll never prosper. But it's a fun thing.

J Turbes’ Books

Islendzk Aeventyri

An English translation of Hugo Gering’s 1882 publication, “Íslendzk Æventýri”, with stories he found in old Icelandic Arnamagnaean manuscripts. These stories tell Icelandic and European tales both ecclesiastic and secular going as far back as the 3rd century. This is an English translation of Icelandic tales first compiled by Hugo Gering as “Íslendzk Æventýri; Isländische… [Read More]

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