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Wayne Neely is an international speaker, best-selling author, lecturer on hurricanes, educator, and meteorologist. Travelling extensively, Wayne addresses critical issues affecting all aspects of hurricanes, especially Bahamian Hurricanes which is one of his central areas of expertise. In addition, in most of his books he also includes controversial topics such as, Global Warming, El Niño and man’s overall impact on the weather and climate of this region and the rest of the world. However, if you were to ask him where his loyalty lies, he would tell you that he specializes in and have a great love, respect and appreciation for Bahamian hurricanes and their impact on the islands of the Bahamas. The central themes of his books are always on hurricanes in general and the impact of hurricanes on all aspects of mankind’s ever expanding society. He’s a Weather Forecaster in Nassau, Bahamas and has been there for well over 23 years. He has a great passion for writing and does it in his spare time. Wayne Neely is a certified Meteorologist working at the Department of Meteorology in Nassau, Bahamas-prior to that he majored in Geography and History at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau. He then attended the Caribbean Meteorological Institute in Barbados where he majored and specialized in weather forecasting.

Wayne Neely’s Books

The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1866: The Story of One of the Greatest and Deadliest Hurricanes to Ever Impact the Bahamas

The Great Bahamian Hurricanes of 1899 and 1932: The Story of Two of the Greatest and Deadliest Hurricanes to Impact the Bahamas

The Great Hurricane of 1780-The story of the greatest and deadliest hurricane of the Caribbean and the Americas


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