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Dr. Paul Mathews is a Sociologist & an Anthropologist with 25yrs research & teaching in Asian studies, esp. in Philippine society & culture. He has served as the Managing Editor of Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies, & is current Secretary of the Philippines Studies Assoc of Aust.

Dr. Mathews has authored numerous books & academic papers. Asian Cam Models: Digital virtual virgin prostitutes? & Travellers in Taiwan: Reflections on Formosa; Naked in a Nipa Hut: I’m a Cybersex Gurl & I wanna tell you my story. Available as eBooks at Smashwords.com or via Warrior Publishers. I am also owner of Warrior Publishers (Canberra, Australia), a small Indie publishers that seeks to publish pioneering works on-line (via Smashwords.com and also Amazon), having written now yself several novels.

Visit: http://drpaulmathews.yolasite.com


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Paul W Mathews’ Books

Are They Serious?

This book explores the discourses of bio-medicine (ie. Family Planning), nationalism and citizenship specifically in the Philippines. Little has been researched into how the biomedical discourse has helped constitute the nature of citizenship of the Filipino for the purpose of building a nation-State; that is, who is a “medically” proper and fit person to be… [Read More]

The Magical Shahua

Shahua is a very magical cat, who can cross time and space, bringing luck and good fortune to those hoomins who deserve it. In Taiwan Mark and Kitty save Shahua from certain death. She/he magically brings good fortune to Kitty and her family of cats. Twenty years later Mark meets Ping, “the cat lady” in… [Read More]


The lives of Cielo, a sex-worker, and Angie, a bureaucrat, briefly but antagonistically intersect in Manila. Several years later Angie seeks the help of Cielo, but neither are aware now of who the other is. They both come to realize that each has barely a foothold in life and that they both want the same… [Read More]

A Tale of Two Families.

Dramatizes the lives of the Valdez Protestant family and Garcia Catholic family, highlighting everyday Filipino life. Explores how and why religion affects each family according to underlying perceptions of the world and why Catholics have more children than Protestants, and differences between rich/poor, exploiters/exploited, powerful/powerless, men/women. How do they actually come about? Here I narrate… [Read More]

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