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Book for Toilet Time Released !

Wally Zubric enriches men’s defecating periods with intriguing and entertaining facts

The average person spends one year of his life on the toilet and each year he produces approximately his own weight in excrement. While going about his ‘business’ he is afforded a prime opportunity for introspection and easy reading.

Wally Zubric compiles a multitude of interesting facts and trivia to make good use of this valuable time. A word of caution: The ‘Men's Only' Book Of Toilet Trivia is not for the faint hearted. Some of the entries may make even the most masculine of individuals cringe.

The book is divided into several major categories including scatology (the study of faeces), genitalia, prostitution, pornography, sex acts, sex machines, cannibalism, bestiality, crime and punishment and so much more.

Although it is often extremely difficult to distinguish that which is factual from that which is merely ‘urban myth’, the information contained within this book attempts to maintain accuracy and authenticity and is well researched by the author. The highest priority of this book, however, is that the reader be thoroughly entertained, further enhancing the physical relief experienced as he ‘sits on the throne’.

The ‘Men's Only' Book Of Toilet Trivia belongs exclusively in the extensive lavatorial libraries of beer-chugging, couch-potatoing, thinking men everywhere.

About the Author
Wally Zubric lives on the picturesque Central Coast on the eastern seaboard of Australia with his wife Zelda and his three uncontrollable children. His interests include world mythology, astrology, mind-body therapies and all things trivial. He also has a passing interest in erotic art and literature. He has previously worked as a security guard, massage therapist, day trader and online matchmaker. He is currently employed as a psychiatric nurse.

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