About Bree A. Hood

Bree A. Hood is a first time literary fiction novelist, poet, photographer, and truth seeker.  Her creative pursuits are balanced with her passion for history, law, and social justice.

Bree’s publications include the self-published novel, Thunderbird & the Search for Sovereignty, and her poem “The Walker” way back in the day.


Bree is determined to change the world, though she did not intend to write a novel, her mission is to share information and solutions with others. As such, she anticipates additional novels, articles, blogs, podcasts, and media outreach will follow in her wake.

Bree does not have a college degree, a ton of resources, or any real world accolades, but this seems to mean little to her. She has idea’s… lots and lots of ideas, and she intends to share them with as many people as she can. You can visit her at http://breehood.doodlekit.com/

Bree A. Hood’s Books

Shades of Slavery v. Self-Determination: Making the Case for Mass Civil Suicide.

The information discussed in the Monkey Wrench Papers is not advice. It is knowledge that can help anybody overcome fear and realize their capacity to follow in the footsteps of America’s Founders. That’s right! The American Revolution was the first and last case of mass civil suicide in America. Their suicide note…The Declaration of Independence!

Thunderbird & the Search for Sovereignty

Political adventure is the best way to describe my novel. It walks the fine line of truth and fiction, and delves into the dark corners of law, history, and the supposed American Dream.

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