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..."The spirit of freedom of a people is expressed by its artists and composers. The dignity and honour of a people are determined by its politicians and academics. The wisdom and hope of a people - in its thinkers and writers.".........
"The Σ (Sigma) Passion” a science novel by Vlad K. Once

Vlad K. Once’s Books

The Sigma Passion

“The Sigma Passion”…a science novel. At least once in their life each person, questions why does he, or she, live? Some ponder why mankind actually exists, what is the purpose of personal existence. For all the similarity in the thought and cognition systems of the intelligent human, Homo sapiens, each individual will arrive at answers… [Read More]

The Chance Confession

“The Chance Confession”…a psychological thriller. The upward path to success is hard and exhausting and not everyone can stand its dizzying height when they get there. As a rule, when someone becomes powerful, they fail to understand that their desires and wishes cease to be purely their own private affair, because at their level fewer… [Read More]

One of Us

“One of Us”… a psychological drama. He is the new world champion, a young man dedicated to his work, with the world at his feet, but ready to abandon everything for the sake of his family. He has dreamt of becoming a racing cyclist since childhood. He has had a family upbringing in the Dutch… [Read More]

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