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Vladimir Nicolas is born in 1979 in Haiti; an island in Atlantic Ocean which has produced many artists and authors such as Denis Laferriere winner of the 2009 Médicis prize for a French novel. In 1990, Vladimir Nicolas immigrated in Canada, and then he joined a student newspaper in 1999 when he began college to study social sciences. Through a benevolent work as journalist in the college student newspaper with his classmates, Vladimir discovered his interests both in literature and philosophy to start writing his first poems. Quickly, the idea of idea of writing a poetry book was emerged into his mind because of the support of his teachers, classmates, and also friends studying in literature to become novelists. In 2007, Vladimir published his first poetry book in France he dedicated to his deceased mother Ruth Louis. In 2008, he got a publishing contract with a France’s book publisher: www.lemanuscrit.com
Recently, he opened a blog on sina.com on he is publishing his drawings and writings both Chinese in English. Also, he has started recently to learn mandarin in order to better know Chinese culture and society. Furthermore, he is making friends with other foreigner people from France, Egypt, Chile, and United States because the author Vladimir considers oneself as a citizen of the world.

Vladimir Nicola于1979年出生在海地——一个孕育了许多像在2009年由于一本法语小说而获Médicis奖的艺术家和作家的大西洋岛国。1990年,Vladimir Nicolas移居加拿大。1990年,在他刚上大学学习社会科学事,他加入了学生报。通过跟同学在大学生报做义工记者,Vladimir发现他对文学和哲学很感兴趣。于是,他开始创作第一首诗。很快地,在老师、同学和朋友的支持下,他有了创作一本诗集的想法。同时,他也在为成为一个小说家学习着文学。2007年,Vladimir在法国出版了献给他已故母亲的诗集。2008年,他获得了一个法语书出版商的出版合同www.lemanuscrit.com。


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