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Viga Boland is the author of 3 memoirs, the first being her true story of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her father for 13 years, "No Tears for my Father". A year later, at the request of friends and fans who wanted to know what happened after she got away from her father, she wrote "Learning to Love Myself", her story of recovery and self-discovery as a person worthy of love, the love of others and of herself.

Viga's third, and most likely last memoir, "The Ladies of Loretto" is a total departure from the style, tone and content of the previous 2 memoirs. This book is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek trip back to the 60's when Viga was a student in a Catholic Girls High School. "The Ladies of Loretto" is nostalgic and fun and will appeal to any woman who spent 4 years under the tutelage of the nuns back in the early 60's.

Viga Boland's current passion is the magazine she edits and publishes for memoir writers, "Memoirabilia".  This beautifully presented magazine, available in both print and digital format, offers advice, how to articles, author interviews, book reviews and writer submissions. For further information or to submit, visit http://www.memoirabilia.ca  Viga also has a memoirabilia group at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/memoirabilia and a memoirabilia blog to which visitors can subscribe on the home page of the Memoirabilia website.


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