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"African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities" is author Alex Cuoco's new book published March 16, 2014.

Acknowledging that the Yorùbá are one of the largest and most important groups of people in West Africa, apart from its value as a cultural treasure, African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities will also delight the readers with its wealth of information on Yorùbá/Vodun religious beliefs which are told in a spirited form with humor and poetry. Every page reveals the different deeds and aspects of Yorùbá deities known as Òrìṣà, as well as a number of spirits and other deities. This stunning collection of narratives showcases the diversity of Yorùbá Òrìṣà culture and evokes the power of Àṣẹ. It gives West African deities their much deserved respect and place in world culture. In this collection, Alex Cuoco, specifically kept the text in a non-academic format to afford the reader a free flow of thought without interruptions to check notes. He also chose to use simple language throughout the book to make the texts understandable and valuable to the general reader, as well as, making it a great contribution to the informed. The narratives and all other supporting topics in this work examine Òrìṣà/Vodun beliefs in cultures in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, as well as, the Angola/Congo Nkisi deities, thus creating a cross-cultural foundation for spiritual learning and gaining of wisdom and knowledge. (Contains an extensive glossary).

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African Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities

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