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Valerie Haynes Perry is the author of three novels (Tanner Blue, Painted Deserts, and Members) as well as Music for the Dream—Seven Short Stories. Write the Book You Want—Be Your Own Coach is the third book in her writers’ trilogy. It is preceded by Listening Out Loud—A Friend to the Serious Writer and Write, Read, Listen—Your Handy Writing Coach.

Concurrent with releasing Write the Book You Want—Be Your Own Coach, Valerie is launching her Motivational Writing Circle in her hometown—Oakland, California. She will serve as the motivating hub of the circle, which is designed to create a “motivational community” of writers and authors.

Valerie works as a freelance indexer and editor.  Though she is a native New Yorker, Valerie has long considered California her home.

Valerie Haynes Perry’s Books

Write the Book You Want

In five succinct and informative chapters, Write the Book You Want—Be Your Own Coach, speaks for itself. “My Books;” “Your Books;” “Listen;” “Read;” and “Write” empower serious writers to do the one-on-one work with their devices or other writing tools in order to tell their stories well. Valerie Haynes Perry uses this book to support… [Read More]

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