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The youngest of four boys, Uriah Brown holds a BBA degree in International Business and a Masters of Science in Business Administration from Brooklyn College. At 23 Mr. Brown became a College Professor teaching courses in Economics and Business at the Long Island Business Institute and The Professional Business College of New York City. Uriah’s passion for Civil & Human Rights grew as he got older. Witnessing constant Racial injustice gave Uriah the confidence to write “The Black Bubble”. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and studied Asian cultures while traveling overseas to China. This is Uriah’s first book and his goal is to critically analyze what issues affect African Americans on a daily basis and to create a solution that will enable Black America to thrive in this racist economy.

Uriah Brown’s Books

The Black Bubble

The Black Bubble is a Masterpiece that describes the current state of America. It critically analyzes Racism, Racial Discrimination, and White Privilege in a country filled with constant denial. The Black Bubble penetrates barriers in this compelling and captivating book.

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