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I'm 25, living and working in Marketing/Communications for a nonprofit in New York City. I started writing when I was 8, crafting undelivered poems for grade school crushes. When I graduated college, I began taking my writing much more seriously, which has led me to publish five collections of poetry and short works of fiction totaling hundreds and hundreds of pieces (a rough total).

There's no subject matter I'm not interested in exploring through a "contemporary" poetic style combining influences from artists and creators of all disciplines, and time periods.

(I actually dislike writing but for some reason my mind doesn't completely get the message.)

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I got bored with writing around the turn of 2016 and stumbled back into writing and publishing new creative pieces on a daily basis. This book is a published, digital collection of the first 100 pieces of this Word of the Day Project. Read full book for free online here: http://www.tylerfugazzie.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/TylersWordoftheDay1-100.pdf

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