About Robin's Son Thomas

Who is Tom Roach?

Long have I been a writer:
three books
thirty academic papers
one short story
many poems
entries in encyclopaedia
articles in magazines
in newspapers
and a novel (unpublishable)

I put one word in front the other
and hoped that they made sense

Not that there was much money init:
just enough
I’d say
for a cup of coffee
(once or twice a year)

But writing is not how
I made my cash!

To get the lucre
I edited the works of others
it payed well
I had the satisfaction
from chaos
producing order.

Books and journals
proceedings and academic papers
hopeless translations into
what purported to be my mother tongue
all were grist to my mill.

You will find my name
“Tom Roach (Ed.)”
in obscure places
on publications gathering dust
in the back shelves of archival libraries

It has been fun
and I have done it
wherever I have lived
enjoying the sights and sounds
and more
of the Middle East
of Africa
and of ancient India.

Not bad for one who started work
as a labourer
in the desolate forests
of far Northern Scotland.

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