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A broadcaster with more than 30 years' radio experience, Tory Gates is currently the Morning Desk Anchor with the Radio Pennsylvania Network, heard on more than 60 stations statewide. He is also known as DJ`Riff, host of The Music Club on Radio-Airwaves Station (www.radio-airwaves.co.uk).

Tory's first book, "Parasite Girls" was released in 2013, and is available on Amazon.com and Smashwords. His latest, "A Moment in the Sun" is available on Sunbury Press Books and Amazon. Sunbury will also release his next work, "Live from the Cafe" in the near future.

Tory is also a singer/songwriter with the Dharma Fools, an indie folk/rock duo, an actor and a writer/critic for BroadwayWorld.com -- he lives in Harrisburg, PA with his five cats. His blog, "Words of a Pre-Curmudgeonly Zen Pagan" contains occasional thoughts, writings and ideas.

Tory Gates’ Books

A Moment in the Sun

Sixteen-year-old Rei Murata appears to have everything: good looks, brains, artistic skill and admiring friends. But Rei is a survivor—of loss, neglect and of self-isolation. Locked away from a world where she felt unwanted, Rei was one of the millions known as the hikikomori. A chance meeting leads Rei to discover the online world of… [Read More]

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