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Tommie Thomas, by birth and heritage is Black Cherokee Native American Indian with some African roots. I am a male born and raised in Quitman, Georgia on June 14, 1947 on a sharecropper's plantation. The hard life under Jim Crow for men at an early age produced working in the fields of hard labor before the sun came up to after sundown.

I moved to Detroit, Michigan at age 17 becoming employed at Ford Motor Company the same year and worked 30 years before retiring.

I graduated from Central Michigan University. Cum Laude, with a concentration in Business Management working 12 hours a day in the factory and graduate with a bachelor's degree at the age of 46. I pursued an MBA at Central Michigan University but fell shy 8 semester hours with a GPA of 4.0. I am a member of The Mensa Society (A Society of Geniuses) and a recent graduate of Northwestern Technological Institute with a GPA of 3.67  at age 70 years and post graduate studies at Marygrove College working Teacher's Certification with a 4.0 GPA.

I am a Novelist, Writer, Poet and Screenplay Writer who live to share the written word.

I have two daughters and three sons that are my pride and joy.

I am the Author of 16 Novels, three books of poems, (1) Autobiography and (1) Screenplay.

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