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Doctor Mike Travis is currently a High School Mathematics and Technology Integration Specialist at a private school in Hawaii. He is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching online classes to Masters of Education students living in the Pacific. Mike has a Ph.D. is in Educational Technology from the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa. He lives with his wife of 23 wonderful years and two daughters on the island of Oahu. For years, Mike has wanted to share the story about his military experience and about his friend who was killed in Operation Desert Storm.


Mike Travis, Ph.D.’s Books

Cooper’s Destiny

In 2201, most humans live in underground cities. Cooper, a 14-year-old boy with a knack for fixing things, is one of the freelancers still willing to go “topside” to ravaged cities in search of treasure. When an old man tells him that his purpose can be greater, Cooper must examine his family’s past and consider… [Read More]

Faded Jeans to Army Greens

A twist of fate and a few hours are all that separated two soldiers: one soldier’s story ended in tragedy and the other soldier’s story continues on today trying his best to honor the other.  This sounds like a movie, but it is the true story of my life and how it changed one fateful… [Read More]

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