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“What Does God Think of My Sex Life?”

Do you ever wonder? If so, you’re not alone. Teens and young adults alike have been asking that question for centuries. Finally, there is a good answer!

Pastor David dares to address the questions that many people would rather sweep under the rug, not expected especially from a Preacher’s pulpit, or considered too sensitive to be discussed in the open. He does so by sharing what God has to say in His Word. You may be surprised to know that God is not silent on the matter of sex, and He has some positive things to show you as you seek His answers.

Have you ever wondered how you can know if you are really “in love”? What does God think about issues such as dating, birth control, co-habitation, oral sex, abortion, STDs, same-sex marriage or virginity? Does the Bible really address those issues?

Yes, it does! Pastor David will reveal to you the un-silenced truth from God’s Word, as well as stories from teens and young adults who bravely share their testimonies. Let’s Talk about Sex is the first book of its kind to get straight to the heart of the sex mystery and expose what God has spoken. It will open your understanding of what the Creator of sex has to say about the wonderful “machine” that He purposely designed to be a blessing!

‘Yemi Adesiyan, popularly referred to as Pastor David, a graduate of Philosophy, is a prolific writer. Called from a background similar to that of Apostle Paul, he is an Evangelist and a Teacher. He is a catalyst for positive change through his dedication to teaching the scriptures. A critical and realistic individual, Pastor David believes in spirituality first, before the physical; holding on firmly to Psalm 119:89 “…thy word is settled in heaven”.

With an educational background in Disaster Management from Coventry University, UK, he is of the school of thought that some disasters are events that can be avoided through mitigation and preparedness, and are not always a kind of divine retribution…in other words, prevention is better than cure.

Pastor David has devoted several years of faithful service (with the Great Commission, Mt 28: 19-20, as the drive for his Ministry) to the Lord in different churches in the UK, USA, and Nigeria.

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