About Tom Evans

I specialise in taking the esoteric and making it exoteric and have written 9 books and counting on the subject.

I also help other authors write their books and get published. I am a hypnotherapist and expert at clearing writer's block (which is always a life block).

Website: www.tomevans.co

Tom Evans’ Books

This We Are

This We Are is the sequel to This We Know. This We Are explores what we are, where we came from and where we might be heading. Perhaps unlike any other species on the planet, we have the ability and ‘smarts’ to influence our own evolution and future. This doesn’t necessarily require manipulation of our… [Read More]

The Zone

We know intuitively when we are in The Zone. We know all too frustratingly when we are out of The Zone. What we don’t know where this mythical zone is for sure. Sometimes we end up there more by accident than design. When we’re out of it, there’s no map to get us back there…. [Read More]

This We Know

Overview This is a book about knowing and what it means to know. We don’t give our knowledge a second thought yet some of us would bet considerable amounts of money on what we know. We are proud of our retention of facts. Pub quizzes and TV quiz shows thrive on this seemingly basic desire…. [Read More]

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