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Ted Cabana grew up in central Massachusetts where he has been performing as a musician for over 30 years. He began playing the violin at age eight and studied classical guitar performance and music history at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Ted has written several unpublished stories ranging from humor and adventure to science fiction and horror, as well as instruction for guitar theory and technique and numerous music compositions.
I have been writing short stories since I was child, mostly for the purpose of entertaining myself and friends. After abandoning my interests in writing for some time, it was through the inspiration of my children that I returned to my long lost love of writing with a concept that had been occupying my imagination for several years. Manner of the Sundog was written primarily for my son and daughter, whose names were used in the story, for the purpose of inspiring them to follow my passion for the finer things in life…such as life itself. Our planet and its unique environment that surrounds us, the marvelous creatures we share it with, and all the elements that sustain us, obligate us as intelligent beings to respect and preserve this delicate balance of nature for all living things. Our planet belongs to no one and we are well blessed to share it with one another for the short span of time we abide here. I only hope they will understand the significance of it all through reading my story, as well as keeping them entertained.
Look for other up and coming works by Ted such as; Rafn’s Journey, Tao of the Ancients, and the sequel to Manner of the Sundog.

Manner of the Sundog is the first geopolitical Sci-Fi thriller about a young physicist living in a postmodern Antarctica. The story portrays life, culture and political struggles following a century of intense climate change, war and social discord. Young physics prodigy, Bane Elrick, is thrown into conflict between the Annortic’s governing body, ICS, and an imperialistic union controlled by GRANT Corp. an aggressive multinational resource and trade company. The story is set around the city of Ellsworth, located on the beautiful west coast of Antarctica, where ICS has become the target of espionage and victim of brutal attacks carried out by Grant’s Lynx army in an attempt to recover land rights and lost secrets of astonishing technological powers. Bane Elrick tells his story of life, love, losses and excessive greed, and his rise to leadership of the world’s most elusive continent and sovereign nation…Antarctica. Now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
“Manner of the Sundog has appealed to a vast audience of readers from young to mature adults. The story comprises action, adventure and suspense with historical facts and legends giving readers a vivid look into the future of our planet’s last and most precious frontier.” –B&N
“Manner of the Sundog is an interesting story with a good plot; the characters and plot seemed interesting and realistic. There also seemed to be plenty of adventure along the way.” -Readers’ Favorite

Website: tedcabana.net

Ted Cabana’s Books

Manner of the Sundog

Nearing the end of the 21st century, the world has been devastated by catastrophic climate change, war, disease and overpopulation. Now the most sought after of all continents to live, Antarctica, has developed into a vastly inhabited and civilized oasis with its own cities, communities, cultures and native population known as the Annortics. Still under… [Read More]

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