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I am a first time author who has no prior writing experience. I wrote The Pick Up because I needed the challenge and was surprised at how easy I found it to be. The Pick Up came out in December 2012 and I am slowly building my fan base. I intend to write a series about the same characters and hope that people enjoy my stories. The Pick Up is a spy thriller that follows along the many assignments of the main character.

My 2nd book is a prequel to The Pick Up. The Beginning takes us back to the very beginning of John O'Bryan's career, why he decided to become a contract agent with the CIA and shows us just what it takes to become such an agent.  This book is slightly different than The Pick Up in that we follow John through his arduous training at the infamous Farm, the CIA training camp. We experience with him the difficulties, both physically and psychologically that he must overcome in order to become a member of one of the world's most elite agencies.

Both books promise fast paced action, sometimes gruesome situations and psychologically challenging situations.I have had great reviews and feed back from everyone who has read them. It leaves them begging for more and I can't write fast enough!

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The Beginning, A John O’Bryan Novel

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