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Tasnim began her life in Mombasa, Kenya. When she married, she moved to join her husband in Nairobi, Kenya. Moving to Canada was a fantasy come true. To live in the hustle and bustle of life in Africa to the almost tranquil life of suburban Canada was a change she considers lucky to make.
Life in Canada served well for her. It allowed her to live her dreams and make reality of her inspirations and to create from each day a gem she could be proud to live.
Her best day is a day when she can write for at least an hour, between her schedule of working on her real estate career and a very active family life.
Tasnim has always wanted to have people go back to writing letters, in their own handwriting. And over a casual coffee meeting with her friends who are visionaries in their own rights, they heard her speak about this wish and they began there and then to turn the wheels in motion for this writing competition

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