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Tobey Alexander has always lived in Nottingham, England and always had a very active imagination. Day-to-day he pounds the beat but from telling over-imagined stories to his children as they have grown up it seemed time to put ideas down onto paper. Seeing his middle son grow and nurturing his own very active imagination it seemed the right choice. Footprints On The Other Side represents years of work, a labour of love (and sometimes frustration) but has ultimately led to a story of mystery and action. Tobey Alexander continues to feed his imagination and conjures up stories and adventures for the children which ultimately lead onto new and exciting projects. Writing these stories allows an element of escape from the norm and hopefully others can enjoy the ride too and perhaps understand the reason for those hours spent staring blankly into space.

Footprints was born from a single idea, a simple building in the town where Tobey Alexander lives. The air of mystery as the building became recently abandoned and began to fall to rack and ruin tickled an idea which soon flourished. From that simple brick structure that has stood there for more than 100 years came something that quickly became an obsession. An empty shell of a building soon became an enjoyable journey to flesh out an intricate and intriguing story that will draw you in and leave you wanting more. Sharing the developing ideas with his oldest children the hunger and enjoyment in their eyes was always that fuel to carry on.

Tobey Alexander’s Books

Footprints On The Other Side

Captured, interrogated and tortured in the depths of an abandoned asylum called Dinymour. Jack James wakes to find himself captive of a faceless enemy. Fighting to secure his freedom Jack forges delicate alliances and once free of his captivity must begin a new journey of discovery. What Jack learns is that all is not what… [Read More]

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