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Degree in Human Biology, Graduate biotechnology San Diego State University., Senior Research Associate biotech, prior clinical laboratory technologist, prior I.A. Series Six.

 Syrone Campbell grew up a Christian in N.Y.C. US.  In 1980 he moved to California where he passed the Series Six exams -Financial Rep. He earned a degree in Human Biology at San Diego City College. Then on to San Diego State University where he studied Biotechnology. He spent 12 years as a Biochemist, then cell development Research Associate --Becton Dickinson Bioscience, La Jolla California until March 2008. Throughout his career he never lost interest in Theism, and squeezed-in its study among his science courses. Syrone learned public speaking in his profession and in his religion, which culminated in the writing of a book about God.


sycam’s Books

The God Conversation

How to know for sure, if there is a God or not? In the year 2016 and how long before that, the world has.no consensus point of view, on critical things that require a decision. Things that are of the utmost importance for managing our lives, such as identifying the harm from consuming foods from… [Read More]

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