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My name is Summer-Sage and I write under both my name and S. Campbell Williams. I live in Old Lyme, CT with my family. I have earned a Master's Degree in Health & Healing but have always found my voice in writing. I have developed & written curriculums for multiple youth programs, ranging from snapping turtle research with National Geographic to building wooden boats and drums with inner city children. In addition to the above, I am a dancer, a singer, a craftswoman an artist and a storyteller.

I started writing poetry and songs as a teenager and around that time the idea for The Summer of Tsunami came to me. This story came to me, when I experienced firsthand how difficult being a part of an interracial relationship could be. My children and I are the products or many generations of interracial coupling and upon deeper consideration, I found myself wondering how even more difficult it must have been for grandparents. As I explored these thoughts and feelings, "The Summer of Tsunami, Book One" was born and upon completion of this story, the ideas for several others relating to it began unraveling in my mind, creating my Legacy family saga. The Flowers of May Book Two, The Fall of Margaret, Book Three and the fourth book I hope to release by year's end. Each story and book cover is unique to the female lead and the saga is being narrated to a young girl, explaining to her how she came to be. Her story.

In addition to my novels, I also have several children's books written, regarding nutrition, behavior, friendship and some just for fun. I hope that you'll enjoy my work.

S. Campbell Williams’ Books

The Fall of Margaret, Legacy: Book Three

Young ladies shouldn’t play with dark magic, or make deals they are incapable of keeping. Margaret thought she had gotten away with cheating death. Since her debt to the Baron Kriminel went unpaid, a much harsher fate gets put into place. Her world begins to unravel. Haunted by the spirit of her beloved au pair,… [Read More]

The Flowers of May, Legacy: Book Two

William Baker was always accustomed to getting whatever he wanted. By force if not by free will. Though he struggles with understanding human connection; his childhood, colored, companion, May, is his only valued associate. Even when it appears that she has betrayed him, he is unable to distance himself from her for too long. As… [Read More]

The Summer of Tsunami, Legacy: Book One

The love story of Tsunami and Paul is intricate and often as dangerous as the time in which they lived. During a time when interracial relationships were hidden or shamed, this story reminds us how love can be weighed down by the politics of the day. Tsunami Monroe, a black woman, visits the segregated town… [Read More]

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