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I am not a fan of third person bios so brace yourself, this is me writing about me. I was born in Yorkshire when Yorkshire was hidden beneath permanent smog, and at eighteen went to Brighton College of Art which wasn't. I saw Pink Floyd on a tiny stage in the corner of Sussex university's courtyard, designed packaging for Mary Quant make-up, and met Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke at a bizarre event co-staged by the British Planetary Society and British Mensa at the headquarters of the Magic Circle. I have been an intensive care nurse, leaving eventually to re-train as a clinical and research psychologist and spending the next lifetime working with adults with intellectual disabilities - some of it in a virtual world and how cool is that I ask you? There has been a lot of writing; much of it academic or Court-related until I was released back into the wild in 2012 and let loose on an MA where imagination finally trumped fact.I co-edited 'Psychotherapy and Mental Handicap' in 1991 with Alexis Waitman, the first time therapy for people with cognitive impairment was moved away from purely behavioural approaches. The second, 'Not Being First Fish and other diary dramas' is authored under the pen name P Spencer Beck who came into being alongside Victoria Falls at Goldsmiths College in 1976. Falls can be found now as Linda MacDonald, author of 'Meeting Lydia' and other novels, and Spencer Beck is hoping no one recognises themselves in 'First Fish'.

'Let Me Tell You a Story' is my third publication. This a collection of stories and poems each with its own soundtrack and aimed at demonstrating a model that may assist struggling readers. But don't think 'adult lit' - each piece was written for the mainstream market, most are pre-published, and some are prize winners. You can find out more at Readalongreads.com. In the pipeline are collections of short fiction and perhaps a second audio supported anthology; but most of my output is scattered to the digital winds of the internet, the hub for which is here: conboy-hill.co.uk

Suzanne Conboy-Hill’s Books

Let Me Tell You a Story

A collection of short literary fiction and poetry, each with its own sound track accessible straight from the page [THERE IS NO CD; sound tracks are accessed by scanning QR codes on the page] and recorded by the authors themselves. Some set in contemporary realism, others in science fiction, fantasy, or disturbing inner worlds; the… [Read More]

Not Being First Fish and other diary dramas

MySpace is what we had before we discovered Facebook and began driving our young folk into the darker recesses of Instagram and WhatsApp, before everyone became a musician and flooded us with band noises of variable quality, and just before the whole thing collapsed under the weight of animated glitter bombs. These snippets are drawn… [Read More]

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