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Originally from Chicago, studied creative writing at the Writers Loft under Jerry Cleaver. Writing has always been a passion for me. As a middle-age man retired from the healthcare field where I  worked for over 20 years, I’m pursuing that passion,that has been placed inside me. I would hate to have lived a robust life and have to ask myself someday; “What…if?”

Starting out as a horror indie writer gave me a chance to get my feet wet. So far, I have self-published 6 books, paperbacks on lulu.com and Amazonbooks under the pen names Don Wright/Donnie Wright. I’m currently writing a first complete novel to be traditionally published, not to abandon my indie grassroots, my plans are to be a hybrid writer for the rest of my writing career.

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The year is 1956 Afro American physician Dr.Edward Shaw made a promise to his dying mother that he would never forget his roots in the small sharecropping  town of Spoonsville Mississippi.A backwoods town without medical treatment or morticians for it’s poor black inhabitants.Dr.Shaw attends a close family friend funeral where he stumbles upon a rare form… [Read More]

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