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I earned a B. A. Degree from the University of Texas, majoring in political science and minoring in history. Afterwards I passed my stock broker's exam and worked for a time at a brokerage house before returning to school. Upon getting my legal assistant certification from UCLA, I worked for a major law firm. Successful stock market investments permitted me to retire early and to pursue two dreams, writing and foreign travel, and I have since traveled extensively and frequently to Europe.

I love the cosmopolitan bustle of Berlin, Rome, Vienna, London, Paris, and Budapest, and many of these capitals have found their way into my novels of intrigue. "Murder Without Pity" takes place in Paris. "The Killing Ploy" unfolds in London, Berlin, and Paris, as well as other continental locales. Two more novels are in various stages of completion, and a fifth, in the early stages of research, will take place in post World War II Berlin.

When not traveling, I spend my time in San Diego, CA working up more ideas for thrillers and planning more trips abroad.


Steve Haberman’s Books

The Killing Ploy

A disgraced CIA spy gets disastrously entangled in a “fake news” ploy to capture in Europe a much wanted American terrorist.

Murder Without Pity

Paris, France: dark with fog, riots over police killings, and Far Right demagogues. Here state criminal investigator, Stanislas Cassel, grandson of a French propagandist for the Nazis during World War II, works at the Palace of Justice. Ashamed of his family’s notoriety, he avoids anything political. Instead he absorbs himself solving small crimes. Little does… [Read More]

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