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Steve Davis is a freelance writer and researcher. Although he has lived in various locations across Canada he now calls Calgary, Alberta home. Davis writes nonfiction and fiction. He is at presently at work on a nonfiction book project set in the prohibition era of the 1920's. His work has been published in mainstream and philatelic magazines.
He is the author of the nonfiction books "Near Miss: The Attempted Assassination of JFK", and "Stumblin' Through Life" Writings of a Do-It-Again Dad".
He is employed full-time in the energy industry, but retirement is looming. He then plans to pursue his writing full-time. His other interests include collecting postal history and genealogical research. Steve is a do-it-again dad with five children, four daughters and a son.
Steve maintains a blog, Writings & Ramblings at: http://stamperdad.wordpress.com

Steve B. Davis’ Books

Stumblin’ Through Life

A do-it-again father, writer and author shares his take on life’s experiences. School, marriage and kids all required a second attempt by this author. Does that mean he was a failure? He doesn’t think so, but read and make your own judgement. This collection of short stories and essays will ring true for many readers… [Read More]

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