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Jacqueline Trought: Pastor, Author, and Naturopathic Health fanatic; currently serves as an assistant to her husband Apostle Winston Trought at Covenant On The Rock Family Church in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

From her rich Jamaican heritage, she migrated to the United States and earned a degree in Accounting from Bethune-Cookman University, then studied Naturopathic Health, which lead to Cytopathology, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Rhode Island.

“In honoring my call to be a pastor, I found it necessary to search out and know the truth of the Word of God. But as I rose to the challenge of leading God’s people I experienced significant failure and chaos with continuous stress. Eventually, I came face to face with the overwhelming challenge to partner with deception and lies in order to attain to the dream and achieve my goals without the drama. My gut-wrenching cry to God to become a credible testimony of Jesus Christ, and to impart truth to those who trusted the call of God on my life, is documented in my first non-fiction Blood, The Currency Of The Spirit World. Throughout the book, I relied extensively on my training in the science field to parallel significant nuggets of the Spirit.”

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