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Despite all the adversity in his life, Roy has become a successful entrepreneur, having owned and operated several businesses and venturing into real estate. He currently owns a coaching and mentoring company, a home improvement company, a landscaping company, and a tree service.  Being passionate about everything he does, Roy is mostly passionate about exhorting and edifying people. He has spoken at different organizations, at Fortune 500 companies, and he has also coached and mentored numerous individuals. He has helped many people have positive paradigm shifts in their lives. Roy is a down to earth and fun guy with a great sense of humor. He has a wealth of information that he loves to share with everyone he meets. He trains people in helping them to understand and utilize their higher faculties. Roy has some of the most profound metaphors, which he uses in order to explain and illustrate the things he teaches people. After hearing his words, people feel enlightened. Another one of Roy’s passions is singing and writing songs. He has performed as a country singer in many different arenas. He still loves to sing. Singing and playing music have always been a fun and playful way to raise his vibration and has helped carry him through the hardest times of his life. Roy is like a modern day Rocky. He always has stood up to the challenge and has overcome any obstacles that have been in his path. His story along with his powerful messages inspires everyone he meets. 

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