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I am a mother, wife, author, poet, and a song-writer.  I enjoy writing various articles on different topics.  My main passion is writing romance books.  I enjoy creating the wonderful characters and making their story book image and personality come alive.  I want the readers to be engaged in my stories and to be able to feel what the character is trying to portray or is really illustrating in the story.  Whenever I am writing a story, I feel like I become that character.  It's as though I become an Actor.  As a matter of fact, my writing is similar to acting.  I try my best to make my characters come alive and vibrant.  It is a pleasure for me to write my stories so that others can enjoy them too.  I also love reading other authors books and learning good writing techniques from them also.  I love poetry and have written several poetry books expressing so many different scenarios of life and people and the different circumstances we all have to confront in daily life.  If I am not hanging out with family and friends, I enjoy traveling and meeting interesting people.  I love to dance and listen to good music too. That is why I enjoy writing all types of  contemporary love songs.  I enjoy dining  out and eating at fine restaurants.  I pray and meditate daily to God.  I can't make it through my day without it.  I firmly believe in this motto: Do Unto Others As You Have Them DO Unto You.  These are some of the things I enjoy doing in life.

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