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Skywalker Storyteller is a professional writer, oral storyteller, and registered nurse case manager. Her first published book of poetry, “I Am that We May Be,” was published under the name Damali Bashira which means Bringer of Good Tidings of a Beautiful Vision.

Her first Kindle, “Illimitable Beauty,” a visonary fiction novella, explores a woman’s journey into creative consciousness. “The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death,” developed from her website’s audio series of storytellings.

As a member of Publisher's Empire, Skywalker is working on three books for 2015, mindfulness practice, building a healing wholistic life, and her journey to Buddhism.

Skywalker Storyteller’s Books

The Ultimate Wonder

The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death, by Skywalker Storyteller, shines a light on the second life experience all humans share. World folklore with wisdom, artfulness, and lightness provides comfort, strength, and fearlessness to those facing death, contemplating its inevitability, or mourning the loss of loved ones. The Ultimate Wonder’s stories and commentary explore death… [Read More]

Illimitable Beauty

Jewel lived the life of an average married wife and mother until her consciousness suddenly leaves her body. She discovers the limitless beauty and power of the universe and awakens her buried musical creativity. An adventure into self-awareness, this colorful story is both entertaining and enlightening.

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