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    A movie? Yes please! Here’s a recent review for my newest book on Amazon.
    5 out of 5 stars
    Movie, please!
    By Mia Bella on May 25, 2016
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    Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence by Author Susan Kelley
    Ciao Pussy! An interesting title for sure…..is a love story filled with hilarious one liners, curious mishaps, interesting players, good food and beautiful places. It is both a tour of Florence and “how to survive” guide. From bad dry cleaning to hair loss, this playful look into this creative couple’s life as ex-pats will make you laugh out loud. Susan’s writing style is quick, witty and descriptive. She takes you to beautiful destinations and drops you off with a complete where to stay, what to say, and what to eat guide. Does it get any better than this?
    I started thinking about this book becoming a movie….who should play Bill and who should play Susan. Imagine all of these characters, places and adventures coming to a screen near you! I loved it.