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Sheri grew up in Mt. Airy, NC, and still lives thereabouts with her husband and a pup named Cercie. Together, they've made a living running a couple of small business, and made a life doing the things they enjoy--traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking. Sheri loves music and yoga, inventing gourmet meals from random ingredients, laughing with friends, and most especially spending time with her daughter. A graduate of High Point University, she has burned more pages than most people will ever write, and is currently scribbling a third novel, which may or may not survive the flames.

So why did I write A Higher Voice and A Deeper Cut? First of all, the story begins with the characters, for me. These characters walk around in my head a while, and they begin to tell me their stories. As the story progresses, I more and more hear the way they would speak, understand the way they would think. Even as I seek to craft a well-constructed story, the heart of what I do is to make the characters live and breathe for the reader.

Beyond the characters and my desire to tell a good story, however, I want to tell a story that has meaning. And not in the "shove-it-down-your-neck, you have to believe what I believe" kind of way. In A Higher Voice, the events push rock singer Britt Jordan hard into a corner, and we find out how much he is willing to sacrifice for his family. Britt is forced to ask whether there could be somebody bigger than himself, and if so, does that Somebody care enough, as the story asks, "to hang with you even when you're beaten?" I leave Britt's conclusions to the reader's interpretation.

In A Deeper Cut, the events surrounding Hunter Kittrell, a college kid, require him to peel back the layers of long-hidden family secrets in order to discover the things that make life worthwhile. Hunter is forced to choose between forgiveness and justifiable anger. As in A Higher Voice, the spiritual implications within A Deeper Cut are subtle, and the reader can view the story through their own spiritual lens and find the conclusion satisfying.

Why will I continue to write? I'll tell a story to explain. I was sitting beside my daughter on an airplane while she was reading A Higher Voice for the first time. She closed the book and said, "Sixty more pages." Assuming she was tired of reading, I jokingly asked, "Are you going to miss Britt and Dena?" Her answer surprised and gratified me. She said, "I don't want to leave their world."
Isn't that why books continue to be written and readers continue to read? We get to enter a world that feels real, with characters who speak to our hearts, and we want to linger in their world as long as we can.

Sheri Haymore’s Books

A Deeper Cut

2014 National Indie Book Award Finalist. When Hunter Kittrell and his beautiful friend Miki arrive in Beaufort, NC, for their summer stay, they decide to liven up the small town by pulling a harmless prank. That prank, however, quickly finds them deeply entangled in a blood bath face-off with a knife-wielding serial killer. As the… [Read More]

A Higher Voice

How far will a man go to protect his family? Legendary rock singer Britt Jordan is stopped dead in his tracks by a woman’s smile–just as his world is unraveling. With the same determination that propelled him to stardom, Britt throws his all into creating a new life with Dena and her daughter. Nearly undone… [Read More]

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