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Jerry Sesanga is Ugandan author, poet, Journalist and children and women’s rights activist. He has internationally published five books Princess of Africa, Universal Madness, Primary School Poetry, Voices from Jali and the latest, African Girl which has enjoyed worldwide success selling 1000 copies in the UK which was overwhelming for any starting African author.
He has been an active journalist sin

ce 2008 when he was offered a job at the region’s leading newspaper, The East African which he believes nurtured him. He has published with all the leading media houses in the country. He has written for Uganda’s leading newspaper, The New Vision and his poems have appeared in the country’s most prestigious newspaper, The Daily Monitor. He has been writing for the Sunrise Newspaper from 2009 up to date.
Most of his articles and poems advocate for the rights of women and children. In 2013, The United States Mission along Centre for African Cultural Excellence chose him for a scholarship on freelance writing which he successfully finished. As part of his activism, he has visited schools, hospitals and refugee camps in Uganda which contain refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi and Rwanda.
He is one of the directors of Orators of secrets a non-profit Organisation that organises debates in schools and institutions across East Africa. He always brings about gender related issues to the light for discussion.

He lists Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights as his best novel, this is due to the passionate obsession the main characters bear. His mother being an International school teacher for over twenty years, he claims the International school gave him the Literature. He is very passionate about arts and as a journalist, he covers theatres with culture and arts his major focus.
He is currently working on the History of the prestigious Kasubi Tombs which is the burial ground for kings of the famous African Kingdom Buganda. He was excited to work on the project saying that it would prove his royalty to his origin.
He resides in Kampala and has interest in film and Drama as he has written and directed two school movies. During his free time, he reads, listens to music, watches movies, sings, acts and watches football. He is unmarried but has a daughter Angel Sesanga who is an half cast and according to acknowledgements in his books, she seems very special to him.

Sesanga Jerry’s Books

African Girl

Dear reader, a world musical story is set from Africa to New York. It is a story of music and struggle from a young African Girl. Mirembe Destiny’s life begins when a white lady visits her school deep down in an African village, she dons her a bible, diary and a gift book. (Journey to… [Read More]

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