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E.L. Harris has been an international free-lane business writer for 45 years and has dabbled in fiction since 1985. His first novel, Wings of the Fly, explores the South American cocaine wars in Peru and Columbia. His newly released novel, The Aestrah Cycle, deals with the birth of male consciousness in a matriarchal-dominant society deep in the Amazon jungles. Both are now available on Amazon.com as either paperback or e-book.

Eugene Harris’ Books

Wings of the Fly

The Medellin Cartel’s leaders have been a thorn in the side of Don Esteban Ochoa, head of the Peruvian familia that established the South American cocaine cartels in the late 60s. But 40 years later, Medellin serves as the “storefront” for a much larger, more complex organization; but how to control such men as Carlos… [Read More]

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