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J.M. Frey is a hybrid SF/F author. Her debut novel was nominated for the CBC Bookie Award, the Lambda Literary Award, and was named one of Publisher Weekly's Best Books of 2011.

Trained in musical theatre, and voice acting, Frey is also an actor, and professional geek. She was an invited panelist on the SPACE Channel's premier chat show InnerSPACE, has appeared in documentaries, lived in Japan, and lent costumes to the Ontario Science Centre. She also has a number of academic credentials, including a BA in Dramatic Literature and an MA in Communications Culture, and has lectured at the Pop Culture Association of America's Annual Conference (San Francisco), at the University of Cardiff's 'Whoniversal Appeal' Conference, and the Technology and Pedagogy Conference at York University. Frey's dream is to one day sing a duet with John Barrowman.

Website: www.jmfrey.net

J.M. Frey’s Books

On His Birthday, Reginald Got

On his 257th birthday, Reginald got stuck in a bank. Well, yes alright, it was a bank robbery, but you know, it sounded better to say “in a bank.” Less horrifically embarrassing. Imagine, someone like Reginald Schilverspün (and he’s heard all the jokes about being born with things his mouth, and yes, they’re all very… [Read More]

The Dark Lord and the Seamstress

Once upon a time, oh yes, So very long ago, There was of course a lovely girl, Who came to learn to sew. And as it goes, fair listener, She learned to sew so well That even the Dark Lord himself Heard of her talent, down in Hell. “The Dark Lord and the Seamstress” is… [Read More]

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