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I was raised in a nominally Christian home, went to church most weeks and was baptized at eight years of age on the same day as my older brother. I lived an unredeemed life through college (during which YHWH gave me a godly woman as my wife) but, when we had our first child went back to church. My wife and several others at church prayed for God to save me and, seven years later, when I was 38, He did.

My family saw a change in me as did people at church. I was active in discipling men and supporting the pastor. Soon I was asked to serve as a deacon and did so for a few years until a job change moved us to Houston. While there I was introduced to the doctrines of grace and the wretched doctrines of Rick Warren and served as a deacon in another church, where I was also trained for two years with an eye towards service as an elder. That church used the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and as I studied and taught it, I found what I saw as errors in it. This disqualified me in the eyes of those men who had trained me, and a couple other men were in the same boat as I. They left to plant a church, being sent by another church one of them had belonged to. I joined them and helped with the preaching and constitution drafting and then moved to SE Oklahoma when I was asked to pastor a small Baptist church near the property we owned and planned to “retire” on.

That ended quickly as the deacons found out that when I had said I agreed with predestination I meant it, they couldn’t tolerate that being taught. One of them told me he would not believe it even if the Bible taught it because Bill Graham didn’t believe it.

This book was written because my dear wife suggested I write a book since I was no longer preparing sermons.

Stuart Brogden’s Books

Captive to the Word of God

April 18th, 1521. Martin Luther was on trial for believing the Scriptures were the ultimate authority for the Christian, rather than dogma developed by men. He is quoted as having said, “My conscience is captive to the Word of God” when asked to recant his writings. I’ve taken part of Luther’s statement as my title… [Read More]

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