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I grew up in Vermont, studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, then switched to publishing and got a job at Cosmo (Helen Gurley Brown used to give me her hand-me-downs). I now divide my time between Vermont and France. I come from a big family and am fascinated by family relationships in all their glorious confusion. In my first book, Our House in Arusha, I delved into my French husband’s family history and examined my own bumbling relationship with my eleven-year-old stepson. My second book, An Irruption of Owls, is about returning to the small Vermont town where I grew up in order to be my mother’s caregiver. I am married to Patrick Texier, a French safari guide (retired), and I have a son, Thomas, who is all grown up and lives in New Zealand. As a child, I made my own clothes. Now I publish my own books. I am learning to speak French. I have a long way to go. Personal Interests: Wilderness preservation. Livable communities. Small towns. Gorillas, elephants, and rhinos. Public libraries. Public education. Combined families. Overpopulation. Living simply. Taking better care of the elderly. Revamping the entire medical establishment. Limiting campaign contributions. Finding a cure for depression. Peace and justice for all. Awards: Florence Cushman blue-ribbon scholar (piano); English honors (Randolph Union High School); Actors Theatre of Louisville featured playwright (1987); 5-year Tiffany Pen (Cosmo, 1985); Cork & Shilling award (Tanzania, 1999); “In Appreciation of Our Guest Speaker” coffee mug (Randolph Rotary, 2010 and 2011); 5-year Tiffany Pen (Condé Nast, 2007). Also: Condé Nast Traveler umbrella, bathrobe, tote bag, paperweight, and glass bowl for being a valued employee.

Sara Tucker’s Books

An Irruption of Owls

A mysterious illness is the catalyst for this story about a daughter’s homecoming, the second installment of a family saga that takes place on three continents. The year is 2007, and the Texiers—Patrick, Sara, and nineteen-year-old Thomas—have left their home in Tanzania. They are biding their time in a New Jersey suburb, pondering their next… [Read More]

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