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Sue Monkress, an Oklahoma native, transplanted to the south in 2007. She primarily writes fiction, with an occasional memoir. She has published four books and her articles and memoirs are featured in publications such as “Oxford So & So,” “The Magnolia Quarterly,” “Lost on Route 66,” Whortleberry Press, etc. Teaching, travel and time spent with friends and her rowdy grandchildren inspire her love of reading and writing. She and her husband currently live in Gulfport, Mississippi. You may contact her at: slmsam@juno.com

S A Monkress’ Books

Long Horizon

Intelligent, headstrong tomboy Sarah Jessica McCarey is more comfortable hunting or roughhousing with her six brothers than doing “women’s work.” Jessie could compete with her brothers on many levels; rather, she envisions creating a business with them during the crazy 1900’s oil boom, a time when women had few resources. Strong-arming the collaboration of her… [Read More]

My Gabe

When Calli McDermott is hurled out of the path of a speeding motorcycle by a mysterious young man, her life is forever changed.  Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine the MAGICAL experiences which lay ahead … This is a coming-of-age story about finding true love.

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