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Healing in non-physical terms has focused my interests and practices. I received a doctorate in psychology in 1976 and have practiced individual psychotherapy since then. The subtlety and power of unconscious dynamics fascinate me. In psychotherapy I guide the client to integrate her psychological and spiritual dynamics, thus allowing transformation in personal terms.

Working with the unconscious to heal forms the basis for all my books. My first book, Good PeopleThe Whole Self Integration Guide, teaches the reader to identify her subpersonalities. The dialogues between her subpersonalities clarify and resolve conflicts. The reader learns to know and to identify with her detached Observer or her Earth Mother or her Caring Parent as she notices her inner world dynamics shift.

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment illustrates journal writing by recording my entries for seven months after I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I moved from horror to acceptance and appreciation by following my inner world guidance. Meditation instructions grounded in experience, not concepts, empower the reader to sustain her daily practice. Spirituality articles clarify spiritual empowerment for the reader in her own terms.

Accepting Unconditional Love continues the healing guidance by focusing on the reader’s consciousness. She notices her unconscious beliefs and distortions by practicing detachment. Daily guidance for practicing a healthy consciousness takes the reader into a moment by moment awareness of her inner world.

Transformation Workbook offers the reader prompts for journal writing. By reading one question a day and sitting for an hour, the reader receives imagery and words from her unconscious. By recording them from an Observer standpoint, she watches her unconscious weave its way to healing and transformation.

Open Your Heart, a spiritual novella, I received as dictation. This magic book inspires us to trust our irrational inner world guidance. The reader will appreciate the characters of the protagonist’s inner world as they take form and offer her guidance which is wise, irreverent, and heart-warming.




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