About Lisa C Miller


My family and I live in the beautiful state of Alaska where the spirit of animals and men roam free.

Through the written word I want to reveal the beauty of life and simplicity of Christ. I write for the lost and broken souls of humanity.





Lisa C Miller’s Books

Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate

This is a poetry book full of bible verses sprinkled throughout the book . This was written with the whispered power of the Holy Spirit to help the lost and broken souls of humanity. It is my hope this book reveals the beauty and simplicity of life and Christ love for us. This book takes… [Read More]

Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul

This book will take you on a journey of the soul where you will meet yourself as honestly and completely as you can. you will come back a stronger more complete person. Remember if you  read my book you will never be bored at the dinner table. This may be a small book of poetry… [Read More]

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