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Born in Newcastle upon Tyne the second son of Sidney and Sally L. Davis; I spent my formative years in the North East. My father, Sidney, L. was a member of the Cameronian Scottish Rifles1st Battalion during World War II and spent the entire time in the Far East distinguishing itself in the defence of India and as part of the famous Chindits who outwitted and eventually out-fought the Japanese in Burma. After the war my father was posted to Kenya (in the wake of the Mau Mau Uprising), attached to the Kings African rifles. Because of this, and at a very early age, together with my Mother, brothers and sister we travelled to Kenya to join my father who was then a Warrant Officer first class in the Cameronian Scottish Rifles based in Mackinnon Road, a Coast Province of Kenya located between Mombasa and Voi; this was my first experience of living in a foreign land so removed from anything I had ever experienced. Being young I envisaged meeting Tarzan or Jungle Jim, the heroes of the Dark Continent at that time. After several years living in Kenya my father was posted to Glasgow University where we spent three years before moving to Barnard Castle and then on to Lanark. The travel bug was now entrenched in me having moved every three years or so.
On reaching the age of 15 years having completed a varied education in Kenya, Glasgow and Barnard Castle I decided it was time to explore the real world and with some contention from my parents I left home to train at the Vindicatrix sea training ship prior to joining the Merchant Navy
5 years were spent in the Merchant Navy circumnavigating the globe many times, gaining much experience from all walks of life; followed by 10 years of service in the army; serving in Kenya, Singapore, Malaya and Indonesia.
Being the only member of my family to remain in the UK I settled in Northumberland, whilst my parents and siblings immigrated to Canada.
I have had numerous interesting occupations and as well as teaching Creative Writing and I.T. I have owned a restaurant, and a Computer sales and repair shop but writing always remained my main interest. I have been involved with Writers and literary Groups in various parts of Northumberland. Due to family life and other commitments my writing was put on the back burner until recently when I took up writing again.
Some of my novels reflect my early childhood and teenage years, in particular the excitement of hearing about my father’s exploits during the time he spent in WW11. Over the past fifteen years I have written novels in various genre including Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Murder Mystery and two volumes of short stories, one of which is now available on Amazon Kindle, Book Tango, Kobo and Smashwords, along with several other of my novels. I plan to publish another four novels in the near future.

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