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Rodney V. Smith has been writing stories from the time he could hold a pencil.  Born in Barbados, he has written short stories, screenplays and webseries.

He is one of the founding members of the Independent Web series Creators of Canada (IWCC) and has written and produced several webseries including the critically acclaimed “Dominion” and the sci-fi adventure “Out of Time”. Smith grew up in Barbados with an active interest in writing and art. He has been writing and producing screenplays for over 10 years and has published serialized stories on Wattpad.


The first in the Chasing the Sun series, SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE is his debut novel.

Rodney V. Smith’s Books

So I Might Be a Vampire

Nobody expects to get turned into a vampire, especially a guy like Bob. Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire out of the movies.  Bad news guys: not gonna happen. More likely than not, you’re gonna be one of the poor clueless… [Read More]

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