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Why is it that my kite won’t fly?

Project Management is, in many ways, like flying a kite.

How do you design and construct it so that it’s lifted high and strong by the wind? What do you do when it gets snagged in a tree, lands on the roof of a house, or is tangled on electrical wire? How do you retrieve it while keeping it intact?

Similar elements come into play when executing a project. Successful delivery may be affected by obstacles such as erroneous engineering, defective equipment, late arrival of materials, personnel turnover, among others. While prior planning does indeed help, it takes a skilled pilot to build, fly, rescue, and bring down the kite safely throughout the course of its journey, just like it takes a skilled Project Manager to successfully deliver his (her) project.

Like flying a kite, effective project management requires technique, experience and skill to finish the project on good terms. With a combination of practical wisdom borne of decades of experience in international engineering and project management, Why Is It That My Kite Won’t Fly? offers a wealth of research and results-based suggestions for optimizing your approach to project management in a wide variety of sectors.

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