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A Indie writer since 2012 the author has written and published five books. One an extensive account of true history of the colonization of America, three in the ongoing series REVOLUTION The Road to Independence, that chronicles the struggles of Joshua Taylor, his family as the American Revolution consumes America. An avid fisherman and love of family are his passions.

News release: Just recently published in August 2016: The Gentleman from Virginia, the fourth, and stand alone novel in the sage Revolution The Road to Independence.


Robert Joseph Napoli’s Books

The Gentleman from Virginia

General Washington fully engaged eluding the British Generals Howe and Cornwallis, struggles to grasp their military strategy. Little known to him, is something that happened out on the Atlantic, an event which could ignite fervor and change the incoming devastating tides of war. What will Washington do? Follow his instincts, or succumb to the traps… [Read More]

Betrayal of a Nation

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, Americans have been assured our borders are safer than ever; the ‘bad guys’ wear turbans and terrorism is an overseas threat—or is it? Several years ago, former Navy Seal Alex Sullivan was dismissed from the NYPD, watching both his career and his marriage crumble. Making ends meet as a… [Read More]

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