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Robert Gryn was born too old, and immediately out of place in the middle of communist Poland. He spent his youth colored by that country's gray cities and empty sentiments. Early on, he found solace in works of fiction, and was soon drawn to those that extolled the fantastic and impossible. The possible just seemed so unremarkable among the harsh concrete and unrealized dreams of the last days of communism. Later in America, he studied too many subjects, ranging from computer programming to mythology and then worked for a number of years in consulting. His efforts centered on learning the unique languages of each client; the businessman, the lawyer, the programmer, the executive. All the while, he searched for the right voice for the dreams that haunted him in every turn of the eye, every clever phrase, every puddle of water reflecting unknown skies.

Robert Gryn’s Books

Quantum Beauty

In the mythic future, no one remembers how to sleep or how to dream. No one except a few who are thought cursed and damned to a half-life of exile and madness. Princess Astra wakes each day from her dreams—strange visions of impossible places she has never seen—to the dread that she will be discovered… [Read More]

Fields of Rust

The universe grows cold. Only a few stars persist in dark matter wastelands. Among these last embers, the ashes of war smolder. On the planet-sized Worldship, Nezantes, the loyal servant of King Darsen, seeks to restore the reign of his ruler. For this he will do anything, even if it means igniting the last stars… [Read More]

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