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Robbin Miller is a mother of a seven year old boy named EJ who attended a structured playgroup in early intervention when he was five months old. Though EJ screened out to be eligible for early intervention as a baby, Robbin wanted EJ to participate in an active playgroup that focused on building social, cognitive, and fine and motor gross skills development with other babies with/out disabilities. This is Robbin’s first picture book for children. It took her four years to produce this quality and colorful book for children and for their parents. This book is also recommended for staff at early intervention sites to promote their programs to prospective parents and pediatric medical professionals. Furthermore, it is hoped that this picture book will encourage new parents to bring their children to early intervention playgroups that are available for all children to attend. What a wonderful way for very young children to have “an active workout” in building their cognitive, social, and fine and motor gross development skills with other children. Robbin is also a licensed mental health counselor in private practice and serves as an adjunct faculty member for a local community college. Robbin is also married as she dedicates her picture book to her husband, EJ, and to her mother who passed away earlier this year from cancer.

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